Announcement Banlist Updates 1.0 - Box Legends, Luck Items & More

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After more than a week the first round of quick bans are here. Threshold is 4/5 for quickbans.

We reviewed the current ban list and what was missing and have banned the following from National Dex Monotype:
  • :Zamazenta: Zamazenta
  • :Zygarde-Complete: Power Construct
  • :Bright Powder: Bright Powder
  • :Focus Band: Focus Band
  • :Gengarite: Gengarite
  • :Lax Incense: Lax Incense
  • :Terrain Extender: Terrain Extender
  • :Quick Claw: Quick Claw
Zamazenta, Bright Powder, Focus Band, Lax Incense and Quick Claw are added to the list to complete the blanket bans of box legendaries and luck based items.

In addition, Power Construct and Terrain Extender have also been banned due to the uncompetitive nature of both Zygarde-Complete and various terrain abuse.

Finally Gengarite has also been added by default due to Shadow Tag being banned.

We have a large watch list of threats for the tier and will be rolling out new bans in time. Please be patient as we don't want to rush any bans that could be avoided. Thanks for your patience and if you have ideas, suggestions or concerns please bring it up the metagame discussion thread!

Tagging Kris for implementation
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